Scott O'Brien

Flight Number:249
Launch:TO (SW-SSW) Dunlap, CA
Max Distance:3511m
Max Altitude:1877m
Track Length:92362m
Wing:BGD Epic
IGC File:Download


This was a very interesting flight. My flight was two hours and 50 mintutes, but I never made my way across the valley.

I found it challenging to try and ensure that I had enough height to move away from the house thermals.

In the end, I made the decision as the day was pushing on, to try and head towards the granite rock, and hope I could catch a thermal up there, because I’d then be half the way to the turkey farm. Unfortunately, I did not find any meaningful lift towards the granite rock, nor over last chance, and landed in the LZ.

Things I’m interested in, I did a lot of ridge soaring to get back up to launch area. It felt perfectly safe, but definitely had less ground clearance than I’d usually like.