Scott O'Brien


Created: 10/20/2021, 12:00:00 AM

When deciding what to attempt to grow where in the unit we're renting, I decided to perform a light study of the backyard. To perform this, first I had used the 3D Scanner App to perform a LiDAR scan of the house. Areas of interest are the fences and the walls of the house. Once a scan is performed, I exported this to obj format, and loaded it into my favourite Blender 3D

Once I had the file in Blender, I used a light plugin to set my location, and keyframes to animate time of day, then I could alter the variables for month and day to see how much sun I'd get in various locations of the yard through the year. I had also inserted some trees, using the current time of day and shadow location to work out roughly how high they were.